Fort Boyard

camping fort boyardThe Fort Boyard is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Charente Maritime. Made famous by the television show that carries the same name, this fort lies half way between the island Aix and Island Oléron. The fort’s primary aim was to protect the island Aix and Rochefort against military invasions in the 19th century, nowadays it is a beautiful fort in the sea and one of the biggest sights in the Charente-Maritime. You can see the fort via the sea by boat, but you can not visit it in person, it is not open to the public.

When you stay at Camping Le Nauzan Plage, you will have a good starting point for seeing Fort Boyard and visiting islands Ré, Oléron, Aix and Madame. You can visit with a traditional boattrip or even by sailboat or kayak, for a lovely sea experience.

Fort Boyard was built in stages between 1804 and 1866. The construction with stones on the sandbank demands truly expertise and therefore this fort is an impressive technical achievement. Napoleon is the one that has commanded the construction to protect Rochefort and island Aix against the invasion of the Brits, hwever the construction was finished when the war was already over.

Fort Boyard has also served as a prison for a while just before it was used for the recordings of the television series, and from the latter it became famous.