Le Phare de Cordouan

visiter phare de cordouan

The Cordouan lighthouse is located at 7km from the coast, at the river mouth of the Gironde. It is the last lighthouse in France, open to the public, located in the open sea and still in service. Historical monument since 1862, this flagship impresses with its shape and its light, recognisable day and night.

The Cordouan lighthouse is a wonderful visit during your holidays at the Atlantic Coast.

Visit the Cordouan lighthouse from the campsite

phare de cordouan Le Verdon sur Mer
Your visit to the Cordouan by sea (you can only visit by sea, so you when you take your boattrip you can have the option with or without entry) will surprise and impress you with its architecture and its exceptional location. Height of 67,50m, the lighthouse has been working for more than 400 years. After 301 steps on the stairs, you’ll get a wonderful view of the coast.

Location of Cordouan Lighthouse in relation to the campsite

The Cordouan plateau is a delicate environment that protects a biodiversity. You are obliged to respect the banks during your visit. For a minimum duration of 20 minutes, you can visit the hall, the apartment of the King, the Royal Chapel, the Hall of the Girondins, the hall of Contrepoids, the hall of lights up on the sixth floor with the bedroom and of course, at the top the light. From there you will have a spectacular view that makes climbing all stairs worth it.

The history of Cordouan Lighthouse

histoire du phare de cordouan

The Cordouan was built in 1611 on a rocky island at the entrance of the Gironde, where the estuary meets the ocean. The construction lasted 25 years. It was then called the Lighthouse of Kings and the eighth wonder of the world because of its beauty. Over the years, this jewel has passed the required maintenance work and renovations. It became the lighthouse as we know it in 1862 and in that year it got the title of historic monument. For more than 400 years, the light of its lantern, it watches over the ocean.

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